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Can a rental period start on any day of the week?

Can I park my car at the rental location of Wilde Campers?

What is the minimum number of days for rental?

What is the address for pick up and return of the camper?

Can I reach Wilde Campers by public transportation?

What do I do when I have a break down with the camper?

What is included in the inventory?

For how many people are the campers suitable?

Can I rent a camper for more than 4 weeks?

In what countries are the campers insured for roadside assistance and a replacement camper?

What assistance do I get in case of a break down with the camper?

Why did you choose the name Wilde Campers?

Why do I see Wild-campers.nl on the campers in some photos?

Is there a minimum age?

Can I take my dog?

How do these campers perform on hills and mountains?

What is the fuel consumption of the retro campers?

What are the Terms and Conditions?

What are the measurements of the retro campers?

What are the pick up and return times?

How much is the deposit?